How to Comply With Ohio’s Data Protection Act
September 30, 2021 at 6:00 PM
People working for a company protected by the Data Protection Act

As of last year, Ohio became one of the only regions in the world to implement legislation so that businesses have the right to legal recourse in the event of a cybersecurity breach. The Ohio Data Protection Act gave organizations a sigh of relief, however it was not long before we started to see cases of cybersecurity attacks that were not covered due to lack of legal compliance.

Data breaches can harm organizations by compromising personal data, revealing private business affairs, and more. As our world becomes increasingly digital, now is the time to embrace any form of protection available. If you own a business in Ohio, ensuring that you are in compliance with the Data Protection Act is of the utmost importance.

At It’s Just Results, our goal is to ensure that your business is secure and in compliance with important legislation such as the Data Protection Act. Below we have provided a list of steps that business owners should take in order to secure their data.

Subscribe to a qualifying cybersecurity program

Unsurprisingly, businesses are expected to have a cybersecurity program in place in order to benefit from the Data Protection Act in Ohio. Many business owners however, fail to implement a comprehensive program that meets the expectations of the state. Some of the hallmarks of a qualifying cybersecurity program are that it must address the potential theft of personal information, and it must limit access to unauthorized personnel. Business owners should take caution when establishing security protocols.

Research cybersecurity frameworks

In the United States, there are five standard frameworks, which guide software developers in the creation of new cybersecurity programs. Frameworks include the NIST Special Publication, the Information Security Management Systems Standards, the Security Assessment Framework, the Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense, and the Payment Industry’s Data Security Standards. Depending on the type of organization in question, owners can determine which framework is most suitable for their needs, and build their cybersecurity program with this as their guide. This is a simple way for the state of Ohio to ensure your cybersecurity program was considered effective at the time of the data breach.

Expand your security program as your business grows

One of the requirements outlined in the Data Protection Act states that the organization must have a cybersecurity program in place, which is extensive enough to secure all digital content. As your business grows, the amount of electronically stored information you have will grow alongside it. Additionally, depending on the type of business you operate, you may have access to data that is more confidential and susceptible to theft than that of other businesses. If this is the case, you may need to invest in a more complex cybersecurity system.

Speak to a professional

When it comes to cybersecurity, only a compliance expert will be able to confirm whether or not your business will be covered under the Data Protection Act in the event of a security breach. At It’s Just Results, we offer all the resources you need to ensure your business is well protected against hackers, and has sufficient protocols in place in the event that a threat or data breach occurs. As a business owner, being proactive and seeking out a risk assessment or cybersecurity audit will promote a trustworthy reputation, and excellent risk mitigation tactics. Our experts are well-versed in the aforementioned frameworks, which means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is in full compliance with the highly beneficial Data Protection Act in Ohio.

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