How compliance managed services can help your business
July 28, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How compliance managed services can help your business

The security of your company’s computers should be a major point of emphasis as a part of your policies. Whether you’re holding onto patient and customer information to streamline services or you have proprietary information that’s unique to your business, it must stay protected. At It’s Just Results, we’ll provide your company with compliance management services to make sure that your cybersecurity network is up to industry and government standards.

Prevent breaches

Security breaches are not only expensive in the aspect that you risk fines from the government, but they can also cost you a significant amount of money in revenue. The trust of your customers plays a major part in their willingness to do business with you. This is especially true when it comes to credit card transactions. Everyone who buys a product or service from you understands that they’re taking a certain level of risk by trusting you with their card information. Should there be a data breach, their personal and financial information could be compromised. You can prevent these from happening with our services.

Vulnerability scans

When we’re putting together a plan for your company, we perform network scans to uncover potential vulnerabilities that put you at risk. This makes it easier for us to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized plan to secure your network. We’ll be sure to outline your risks so you have a strong understanding of the areas we’re going to give attention to, why we’re going to address them, and how we’re going to fix them. We’ll continue to perform scans and provide you with monitoring and mitigation of new or developing risks.

Endpoint protection

We’ll make sure that you’re protected at your endpoints against malware and viruses. Additionally, we’ll be sure to protect your workstations and servers with current security configurations. Our team will implement encryption and multi-factor authentication management to ensure that cybercriminals can’t hack your system. We also run a 24/7 security operations center that’s available for real-time support should there be an issue that needs resolving at any time.


Your first line of defense against cybercrime is the people in your office. We’ll provide training for your people so they understand the importance of protecting your company against potential cybersecurity risks. These pieces of training can be done with videos or in-person, whichever you decide is best for you and your team.

We’ll teach your team how to identify potential phishing scams as they pose the highest levels of risks for your network. Part of this training will educate your employees on what they should do if they mistakenly click a high-risk link.


If you’re trying to establish security measures within your company to ensure that everything stays secure while meeting industry and government regulations, we can help. We’ll assist you in creating security policies and procedures to ensure that your network is safe from external threats. Furthermore, we’ll set up your action plans so they’re applicable across your company to make for much easier enforcement of policies.

Get in touch to get started

If your company needs to improve its cybersecurity, reach out to It’s Just Results today. We’ll provide you with solutions to your cybersecurity issues so you can promise your customers, patients, and employees a high level of security. Contact us today at 703-570-4266 or send a message for more information about compliance managed services. We love forward to hearing from you.