Common misconceptions about cybersecurity for small businesses
December 29, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Common misconceptions about cybersecurity for small businesses

We all see data breaches happen to large companies, but we never think it’ll happen to ours. Something to keep in mind is that none of those huge companies that have had data breaches over the last five years thought it would happen to them either. Companies like Yahoo and LinkedIn have some of the strongest cybersecurity measures available, but both have been breached multiple times in the last decade. At It’s Just Results, we can help you protect your company and customers from a data breach. If you’re not sold on the need for cybersecurity for small business, we’ve dispelled some common misconceptions that might be holding you back.

Myth: Small businesses are too small for cybercriminals

Above, we mentioned the two data breaches with Yahoo and LinkedIn within the last 10 years or so. In addition to these online behemoths, others like Facebook, Adobe, and Marriott International were breached. It’s easy to see these large companies and figure that a small business isn’t a target for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, this is incorrect.

We never hear about cybercriminals breaching the mom-and-pop shops for a couple of reasons. They don’t hold enough customer data to warrant a national news story. Most small businesses have a local customer base that is notified directly by the business itself. Second, these small businesses might not know they’ve been breached. Small businesses that manage their own IT services might not monitor their website’s security other than with a few apps or plug-ins used with the web hosting platform. It’s important to understand that cybercriminals get their retirement payday by hitting the giants but make a living on the small businesses.

Myth: Cybersecurity is too expensive

The thought of paying for cybersecurity for your small business might be overwhelming. In some cases, small businesses are month-to-month as it is, so outsourcing your cybersecurity to an IT firm can feel like you’re getting in over your head financially. However, weighing the costs associated with paying for security with those that come with a data breach makes the decision easy. Losing important customer information can cost you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to protect yourself and your customers. What’s more, your liability insurance isn’t likely to cover those costs for you.

Myth: Anti-virus software is sufficient

Anti-virus software is better than not having anything for your system, but it’s certainly not a “one size fits all” solution. Additional security measures like firewalls, DLP, and sandboxes are necessary to ensure additional protection, but they’re not going to be your golden goose of cybersecurity. Proper cybersecurity is an active process that checks for new threats constantly rather than setting up software and forgetting about it.

Myth: All cloud services are secure

Cloud-based storage services are a great way to ensure that you’re not filling up your servers with information while making information available to your team from anywhere. However, because that information is available anywhere in the world, it’s easier for cybercriminals to access it. That being said, cybersecurity is a two-way street as far as locking down your information goes. Not only is the storage service responsible for keeping your data safe, but your employees also need to know their role in security. Your cloud server can be a safe place for your data, but if your employees are careless with their passwords and authentication processes, you could be at risk of getting hacked.

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