What Is the Purpose of a Cybersecurity Assessment?
April 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
The purpose of managed cybersecurity

The demand for cybersecurity assessments has steadily risen over the years as hackers have posed a series of threats to organizations all over the world. This professional service is an excellent first step towards the greater security of your company data.

At It’s Just Results, our team offers a variety of managed cybersecurity solutions including a comprehensive assessment service. It is not, however, always clear to organizational leaders what exactly the purpose of a cybersecurity assessment is, or whether their company requires one.

Cybersecurity assessments serve a variety of purposes; all of which aim to protect important data from being compromised. Below we have provided a list of objectives that cybersecurity specialists strive to achieve during assessment services.

Identification of current security threats

Risk mitigation is among the top priorities of cybersecurity assessments. During this process, It's Just Results will scan your company and look for signs of existing problems such as computer viruses or unauthorized access. We use many frameworks (we select and tailor based on your company) to accomplish this. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for employees to identify security threats as they arise. Therefore, it is incredibly useful to have the assistance of our experienced practitioners who can evaluate your endpoints, infrastructure, data flows, encryption, network security, and all other aspects of your organizational data governance. If any existing problems are detected, your company will promptly be able to respond to avoid future incidents by implementing new strategies we recommend that address current vulnerabilities.

The protection of personal data

If you own an organization that collects payment via online transactions or stores any other personal information from clients, it is imperative to implement security measures that protect that data from being stolen. This also applies to internal information such as the social security numbers of your employees. Cybersecurity assessments work to secure personal data for the protection of all parties. This is done by examining your current system and running penetrative tests to identify any vulnerabilities that could put your private information at risk. With a critical analysis of your current security controls, a cybersecurity assessment will enable your organization to make any necessary changes to prevent data theft.

Compliance check

Depending on the industry you are in, and the region in which your business is registered, your company will be subject to certain compliance standards. Failing to adhere to these regulations could result in legal complications, and inhibit your organization’s ability to submit insurance claims in the event that compensation is required. One of the goals of cybersecurity assessments is to give you the tools and capabilities that help you ensure the company is in compliance with all relevant regulations now and in the future. By staying up to date on these crucial guidelines, companies can confirm their legitimacy and gain the trust of their clientele.

Cybersecurity training

A cybersecurity assessment can be used in part, as a training session for your professional team. An important part of protecting your private company data is implementing security-driven policies and procedures for your employees to follow in the workplace. During your assessment, one of our cybersecurity specialists will assess your company’s current practices to ensure your staff has the tools they need to keep your data secure. Factors to consider include multi-factor identification for staff, restricted access to certain information, and more. Without strong company practices in place, your team could unknowingly introduce dangerous threats into your digital environment and grant access to unauthorized personnel. Cybersecurity assessments can therefore be used as an opportunity for organizational leaders and their employees to learn actionable tips that strengthen company security.

Cybersecurity assessments are just one of the many managed cybersecurity services available from our team at It's Just Results. Our comprehensive approach will keep your company data secure and drastically reduce the risk of hacking. Contact us today to find out more about our services.