Top Solutions for Small Business Computer Security Risks
October 20, 2021 at 6:00 AM
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You may not have the staff or experience to identify your computer security needs as a small business. Working with a cybersecurity services company gives you expert help in data protection, compliance, and security readiness customized to your budget. Instead of establishing a new position within your organization or working with a company with outsized services to your needs, partner with a small business computer security specialist.

At It’s Just Results, we listen to your concerns, from corporate data protection to network security compliance within multiple frameworks. Then, we provide scalable support that addresses your needs within your budget. Here are our solutions for small business computer security concerns.

Is my small business at risk of hacking?

Whatever your industry, there’s, at last, some part of your workflow that happens online. If you’re new to eCommerce and online sales, you may not know the risk presented by hackers to your employees, clients, and customers.

It’s hard to schedule small business computer security solutions when you’re unsure of your risk level for hacking and data leaks. It’s Just Results provides risk analysis to determine the likelihood of security risks and provide clear strategies for risk mitigation.

How can I be sure my business’s network is secure?

Our assessments take risk analysis one step further with an in-depth look at the data flow of your small business, your information architecture, and deficiencies from industry best practices. We customize our controls to your industry, using the National Institute of Standards, Center for Internet Security, and more.

Penetration testing allows us to explore your data systems for weaknesses and potential breaches. It is one of the most practical small business computer security solutions for ensuring your network is patched and protected against infiltration.

What should I do if my business is hacked?

With data breaches, it’s not a matter of if but when. One of the best ways to mitigate the damage by hackers to your and your customer’s data is how you and your team respond. It’s Just Results goes beyond simply providing custom plan development to work alongside you following a security breach.

Our team performs both detection and ongoing support for notifying customers, regulatory agencies, and employees. Our post-incident analysis pinpoints the source of the breach and provides strategies for preventing similar issues in the future.

How can I tell if my network security is compliant with a contract requirement?

If you’re looking to move your small business into a new arena with contracts in the Aerospace & Defense industry, you must meet specific compliance standards for your network security. Instead of hiring an additional team member, It’s Just Results can provide customized compliance support to ensure you’re ready for auditing.

We’re familiar with a wide range of attestation requirements, including:

  • Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
  • Cyber Maturity Model Certification
  • System and Organization Controls

Reach out to our team with questions about your specific attestation. We’ll guide you to the proper small business computer security solution.

Start your small business computer security solution process with a simple assessment from It's Just Results in the Metro DC area.

It’s Just Results works with business owners and leaders to provide expert advice and guidance for their small business computer security, compliance, and threat analysis. Our team works within your budget to provide you with the cyber security solutions to keep your data secure. For companies with a small staff and limited experience in computer security solutions, we offer affordable resources to ensure your systems are secure, compliant, and audit-ready. Keep your and your customer data safe with a customized solution from It’s Just Results.

Reach out to schedule an assessment or learn more about our small business computer security solutions.