Why do I need a Pen Test?
November 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM
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Today, breaches are happening all the time.  Be it the famous Target breach back in 2013 or the recent Equifax breach in 2017 that affected half of the country, security breaches are more prevalent than ever before.  Securing your company is no longer at the bottom of the list during a board meeting, it’s needed more now than it was just 3 years ago.

You may say to yourself “I won’t get hacked, why would they even come after to me?”.  This is said a lot in the business world, but, as more and more breaches happen, smaller companies are finding they are a target and need to act.  But let’s look at the Target breach.  Target was not the first initial “target” for the hack.  It was the small company that installed the HVAC system.  Hackers were able to breach their network and then gain access to Target through their network because they monitored the system for Target.  You may have something valuable that a hacker wants, and you just don’t realize it.

This is where a penetration test will benefit you and your security posture.  If it’s either testing your web site for exploitable breaches that would allow a hacker to steal client credentials, confirming network servers and computers are patched and protected or making sure your staff is trained in the latest phishing and social engineering ploys.  Having a penetration test will give you and your owners a peace of mind knowing you went the extra mile for your security.

The staff at It’s Just Result’s know security and we can help provide that piece of mind you need to rely on.  We are constantly updating our knowledge of the new techniques hackers are using in the real world along with using penetration testing frameworks such as OWASP and NIST 800-115 to make sure we leave no stone un turned.  

Our tests include intelligence gathering of your company, vulnerability analysis, exploitation and post exploitation.  We won’t supply you with an automated scan of vulnerabilities and say this is what you need to fix, we act on the vulnerabilities and exploit them along with other manual means that could be missed with an automatic scan.  Not sure how to fix the vulnerabilities or exploits we find?  No worries, we will give full recommendations on how to mitigate these issues and offer another test to make sure our recommendations have been implemented and are working.

We offer Pre-engagement interactions that allows us to sit down with you one on one and discuss exactly what you need in a penetration test, either it be for PCI compliance or just letting your clients know you are secure.  

Don’t get behind in your security, let us provide you a means to show you either how well you are doing in your security practices or showing what you need to improve on.  Either way we win, and the hackers will lose.