Your Guide to Cybersecurity Solutions
August 20, 2022 at 7:00 AM

In the digital age today, most businesses run their operations entirely online, making it easy for hackers to commit data theft or harm businesses remotely. Protecting your resources and information from hackers becomes increasingly difficult as technology advances.

Because of this, businesses are becoming more aware of the constant threats. Having cybersecurity solutions can help your organization from being attacked.

We’ll discuss what cybersecurity solutions and services are below in further detail.

What are the common types of cyber threats?

Cybersecurity refers to an organization’s ability to protect against unauthorized or criminal use of electronic data. These services are part of the process of achieving security and protecting against common types of cyber threats that include:

  • Ransomware: This cyber threat uses malware to limit access to your systems through encryption. It then asks you to pay a “ransom” online to decrypt the system and regain access.
  • Malware: This program is installed into a system to compromise its availability, integrity, and confidentiality. These programs are more discreet than others and have become one of the biggest threats facing an organization’s network today.
  • Phishing: This cyber threat allows cybercriminals to obtain data by pretending to be a legitimate business. They will often issue a warning related to an account and ask you for a response with a link to a fake website asking you to input personal and sensitive information.
  • Distribute denial of service (DDoS) attacks: These attacks limit access to a network by slowing down response time. It is often used as a distraction by cybercriminals as they commit other crimes.

What are cybersecurity solutions?

As mentioned above, cybercriminals have various ways of accessing a company’s networks to steal data. But there are many cybersecurity solutions available to you that can help keep your data and information safe. These cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Firewalls: Having a firewall allows you to control network traffic to protect against untrusted networks and malicious attacks.
  • Encryption: Encryption software ensures that if your data is stolen, hackers will not be able to read it. It’s essential if you are transferring data from one system to another.
  • Access management: You should limit who has access to your organization’s sensitive information. Access management software ensures that your data is only accessed on a need-to-know basis and that those who obtain important information are who they say they are.
  • Data loss prevention: As a business owner, having access to your data is essential, which is why data loss prevention software ensures your information is always available.
  • Anti-virus software: This software is one of the most available cybersecurity solutions. Once it’s been downloaded to your computer, it scans the system for threats and blocks viruses from accessing your devices.
  • Web filtering: This type of software stops employees from accessing harmful websites and services on the company’s network that could lead to a data breach.

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